Testimonial 1

January 27, 2017

I'm a 59 -year old female who struggled with IBS-C for the past eight years. About 3 years ago, I started experiencing sharp pain in my left side, typically after finishing a meal. Numerous doctors and specialist prescribed various medications that temporarily improved my condition. I even tried significantly modifying my diet. Nothing seemed to improve my digestive issues or alleviate the gas and bloating experienced after every meal, which worsened as I got older.

I was discouraged, frustrated and not sure what to do next, which lead me to Dr. Kang's office to try acupuncture. On the day of my first visit I had the burning pain in my left side, it was resolved after my first treatment and has not returned. Dr. Kang educated me on the importance of eating foods that are compatible with my body type. To say my experience with Dr. Kang has been life changing would be an understatement! My energy level has improved, the pain is gone and I eat foods that make me feel healthy.

Thank you Dr. Kang for improving the quality of my life!

Testimonial 2

My love life was over. Post-menopausal vaginal dryness and loss of elasticity put an end to intimacy as we knew it. With increased discomfort, came loss of libido. Over-the-counter lubricants no longer helped. Hormone replacement therapy was not an option. Western medicine had nothing else to offer me. Like many women over 50, I thought that chapter of my life was over. Knowing that acupuncture has helped so many women with hormone-related fertility issues, I decided to give it a try. A colleague recommended Dr Kang. After just 1 session there was noticeable improvement. After 3 sessions, the difference was remarkable. I continue my acupuncture treatments and feel better after each visit. My partner is happy - because I am happy. My body responds like it did long ago. It's a miracle and I have Dr Kang to thank.

By Mrs. B

Testimonial 3

My garlic sensitivity started about 12 years ago but I only figured out what the problem was 2 and 1/2 years ago. My reactions were very severe, my stomach could not even tolerate a small amount of garlic. I abstained from any food with garlic for 2 1/2 years. After three acupuncture treatments I am able to tolerate foods with garlic with no problem.


Testimonial 4

I have had chronic and extreme allergies for 20 years. Even with 2 antihistamines and a nasal steriod I was still suffering. I was about to try immunotherapy shots, which was a major commitment and something I felt uncomfortable with, which is why I decided to try acupuncture. After 4 treatments my symptoms have gone away completely. I am in awe of the ability for acupuncture to solve a problem I thought I would have forever. I feel better than ever and I am doing fine.

By C.D.

Testimonial 5

I first visited Dr. Kang's office after being advised by my primary care physician to search for alternative treatments for my 30 years of progressively severe back and neck pain. I have serious degenerative disc disease and arthritic joints. When I investigated acupuncture and Chinese medicine as a potential treatment I was skeptical that it could help me but I was desperate for some relief from years of pain. I researched and found Dr. Kang. When I made the appointment with Dr. Kang my neck was in a state of severe inflammation with constant pain in my neck and down my arms. I also had lumbar back pain with radiating pain in my sciatic, down my right leg,and in my right hip. I had been through 4 major surgeries for these problems. I began acupuncture treatments initially concentrating on my neck problems. After my first three closely spaced treatments there was a noticeable reduction in my neck pain. After a couple of weeks of treatments my pain was almost completely reduced and I was able to manage my pain for the first time in many years. I was especially blessed to get some relatively pain free sleep for the first time in many years. Eventually, all my other pain issues were addressed by Dr. Kang's treatments. I reached a point where only one weekly visit was required to maintain a manageable level of pain. Dr. Kang's treatment also aided in healing my incisions and generally helped to speed up my overall recoveries from the surgeries. I was able to stop taking strong prescription pain mediciation.
Dr. Kang is a very gifted doctor. She has a special gift that can be felt through her touch. She has great skill and has a clear understanding of the complexities of the profession and art of the practice of Chinese Medicine. I have no reservations and I highly recommend Dr. Kang. She gave me back my life and I will always be grateful to her.

Testimonial 6

I have been meaning to write to you for some time; I just wanted to let you know that I am doing great! We had a beautiful baby girl in January and we are overjoyed! Thank you so much for all that you did to help us achieve our dreams of having another child. I truly believe that acupuncture helped to make my pregnancy possible. Your kindness and support meant so much to me.


Testimonial 7

My rash started with one small spot on my leg in 1994. The rash got progressively worse spreading to all areas of my body. My skin was bleeding and weeping. I had to change bed linens almost everyday as they were bloody from scratching in my sleep. In the past 12 years I have pursued every avenue looking for a cure. I tried many Dermatologists and allergists. I have tried Holistic Drs; I had colonics, tried fasting diets, send stool samples away to check for parasites, and many hours on the internet. Nothing was working and I was getting progressively worse. Now I did not go out as I was itching so intensely and people did not want to touch me as my hands were so raw.
My quality of life was at 0, I was crying a lot and wondering how long I could live with this. Was this going to kill me?
Dr. Kang was recommended to me by my massage therapist. After looking at the card for a few weeks I called for an appointment. After speaking with the Doctor and having my first treatment I had hope. Dr. said she could help me and was encouraging; I had not gotten anything positive from any of the traditional Dr. only this condition is not curable. I started with Dr. Kang in June 2006 and it was September 2006, my skin is not bleeding or weeping and very little itching, I would say my quality of life is at 100%. I asked God to send me a cure and he sent Dr. kang.

By J. S.

Testimonial 8

Dear Dr. Kang,
Thank you so much for your care.
I was totally frustrated for 9 months with my hands being cracked, always burning and hurting. I could squeeze blood from the skin of my fingers, it was that bad.
The dermatologist I was seeking wasn’t helping me at all. Out of desperation, I considered acupuncture.
Fortunately, when I looked in the yellow pages of the phone book, I found you, you have been absolutely wonderful.
I immediately began to show signs of improvement. The acupuncture treatments and herbal teas gave me much relief. And now, only one month later, six treatments, my hands are unbelievable! I feel great, and I am as happy as ever.
Alternative medicine works, I Know.


S. C.

Testimonial 9

I started treatment with Dr. Kang 4 weeks ago for severe headaches and constant pain in my head, right shoulder and neck due to a severe impingement in my cervical spine. Prior to seeing Dr. Kang, I suffered with this condition for approximately 6 months. I tried different pain medications and physical therapy which did not help. The pain was so severe that I had to stop working. There were nights I could not even put my head down on a pillow. I could not perform my daily functions. I could see a slight improvement upon my initial acupuncture treatment. I have now had 8 treatments, I no longer take any pain medication and I am currently pain free.

By J. C.

Testimonial 10

Dear Dr Kang,
Thanks you so much again for helping me with my anxiety and depression. For about five years now I have suffered from severe anxiety followed by depression, about three years ago my symptoms became very severe and I had to receive emergency care. I received cat scans, was tested for thyroid disease and was told to start a serious medicine regime, which would eventually calm me down but also make things worse. The side effects, the level of dependency and the insecurity of ever being able to cope without the pills are no help for depression. I am almost certain my battle with depression after the medicine was fueled by the same medicine that was making me "better". So finally I was taking Xanax as needed and was feeling ok, then depression set in again and I was prescribed yet another course of anti depressants, after taking one tablet I was worse and I had to find a better solution. My husband suggested Acupuncture and I knew I had to give it a shot. I'm very skeptical by nature and didn't expect it to really work. After meeting you and realizing quickly how "real" and commonly used this practice is I had some more faith. You took your time and put me at ease, acupuncture turned out to be not painful or uncomfortable but relaxing, I could feel release and peace. Now after seven sessions and the Herbal medicine regime I have no more need for any prescription anxiety or depression meds and feel better than I have in a long time.
Thank you for restoring my faith and my life. I didn't believe this would help and it turns out it healed me. I'm confident that the reason Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine have been practiced for thousands of years is because they work. I recommend you and this ancient knowledge to all suffering...

Thank you!

Testimonial 11

Dear Dr. Kang,
Thank you for all your support and assistance with bringing our baby here! We couldn't have asked for better care.
With Thanks,


Testimonial 12

I came in because I had so much pain in my shoulders, back and hands. I feel so much better after my treatment. I should have known about this treatment before.


Testimonial 13

Dear Dr Kang,
A warm and heartfelt thank you for everything over the last 2 years. I was so sick when I came for my first session due to my hormonal imbalances involving the thyroid,adrenal and progesterone hormones.Today, I am vibrant and feeling well again. All of your help and the acupuncture treatments have changed my quality of life dramatically. I am humbly grateful to have found you and the benefits of acupuncture!
Thank you!

By P.F.

Testimonial 14

I was stricken with shingles in September of 2013.By the following May I was dependent on four Gabapentin a day and was brought to my knees with pain if I tried to cut back. I never got a rash and had the vaccine several years prior. After just one acupuncture treatment I was able to stop all medication and was pain-free. I cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Kang for her wise consultation and treatment plan.


Testimonial 15

I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding care you provided to me during my infertility treatments. You were such a ray of light during a difficult time and it meant so much that you believed in me, even on days I wasn't sure I believed in my self, that I could have another baby. What a difference a year makes! Hope you have a wonderful holiday. I'll never forget your kindness and support.